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If you are looking for expert bathroom remodelling services in Prince George’s, we are here to help. Capitol Bathroom Remodel Pros has remodelled bathrooms in Prince George’s County homes. We offer custom bathroom remodelling services with the highest quality and results you can imagine. Call us for a free quote.

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About Us

If you want a more luxurious bathroom that will give you a home spa experience, then you should consider hiring our team of experts. Capitol Bathroom Remodel Pros offers professional bathroom remodel and renovation services.

We are a full-service contractor, which means you will get all experts in our team for any remodeling and renovation activity for your bathroom.

With years of experience in bathroom remodeling, we are Prince George’s County’s leading bathroom remodeling contractor. We provide fully customized designs, unmatched customer experience, incredible services by experts. Our goal is to always work and give satisfactory results in any project. This is why we are the top choice for any of your bathroom remodeling needs.

Your bathroom should provide a relaxing and refreshing environment after a long day at work or exercise. With all our experience and knowledge, this is how we will make your bathroom feel after we are done with the project.

Our expert designers and craftsmen will help you turn your ideas into reality. We will listen to your requirements and come up with what you want. Whether you just need small adjustments or major bathroom remodeling, we can do the transition.

Your bathroom will soon be a space that calms your body and mind once you step in it.

We have built a long-lasting relationship and a great reputation with our customers in Prince George’s County. You will enjoy our top services and craftsmanship that you may not receive from other contractors.

Besides, you will work with a friendly team throughout the project that will let you feel free around them and talk to them at any time.

Not just that, you will appreciate that we will keep your project within your budget without additional or hidden charges.

Capitol Bathroom Remodel Pros is a professional bathroom remodeling and renovation company based in Temple Hills, Prince George’s County. Our primary focus is ensuring that your bathrooms are beautiful and the design matches with recent day trends.

We are the leading bathroom remodel contractor in Prince George’s and have been in the industry for many years. Our company started in 2003 and has seen tremendous growth. A step back to when we were just beginning our business, most residents in the region did not understand the need for professional bathroom contractors. Instead, they used to hire local handymen to do the job. However, after trying out our services, they all acknowledge why it is important to hire an expert.

We have a fantastic team of professional contractors, whom we believe is an excellent asset to the company. They help us gain a substantial competitive advantage over our competitors. Our staff members are encouraged to perform and empowered continuously to perform their roles with skills and passion. They approach each project keenly with the commitment and dedication to yield the best results.

Our employees go through a very rigorous selection whereby they must have all the necessary certifications and the following qualities:

● Team player

● Truthful

● Hardworking

● Honest and integrity

● Innovative

● Reliability

● Ambitious

Your bathroom should provide the ultimate feeling of relaxation and freshness after having a long hectic day. We are glad to offer the following services:

● Bathroom remodeling or renovation

● Toilet installation

● Tile installation

● Shower remodeling

We are committed to offering our clients the best services and establishing a high profile in the industry. Our inspiration has always been our clients’ satisfaction and surpassing their expectations.

At Capitol Bathroom Remodels, we put your needs at the forefront and ensure that we serve all customers immediately with the urgency required. We are available every time around the clock and can take up any emergency projects. The comfort of our clients is usually a priority at Capitol Bathroom.

If you are looking forward to having the most superior-looking bathroom in Temple Hills, St Georges County, and all the nearby cities, feel free to call us on (250) 342-4670. We will be glad to tend to your problem whether big or small. We also guarantee a free quote on our charges, so don’t hesitate to make inquiries. Our services are very affordable to the residents as we ensure that we cater to customers from all walks of life.

Our Services


Bathroom Remodel

No matter what your plan is. Whether you have decided to take a full bathroom to remodel, a bathroom addition, or expansion, we are here to offer our services. Hiring us to do your bathroom remodeling will provide better results for your project. We have a team of skilled experts that are experienced in the job. Our technicians will ensure you receive accurate services that are necessary for the high-quality bathroom remodelling.

Bathroom Remodelling Process

We will start by finding out what the problem is with your current bathroom. After you tell us what the problem is with your bathroom, we will ask you what you are looking for in the bathroom remodel. This will allow us to walk you through different possible designs similar to what you are looking for.

After we narrow down to a specific plan, the remodeling process begins. Remodelling your bathroom can include activities such as bathtub replacement, shower, fixtures, and flooring renovations.While doing all this, we will keep your home as clean as possible.

Small Bathroom Remodel

Small bathroom remodel is a great way to give a new look to your bathroom. Whether you want to replace a sink or tiles, Capitol Bathroom Remodel is here to provide you with these services.

Our team is equipped with relevant tools to handle any small bathroom remodel project. This means you do not need to get worried about hiring different contractors for different jobs. We provide all services that you may need for your small bathroom remodeling.

Some of the bathroom remodeling activities we conduct include:

Toilet Installation

Whether your toilet is worn out or is spoilt and does not work properly, or just need a very simple fix for your toilet, we can get it done. We understand that it can be hard for you to perform such stinky jobs. This is why we are here to help you.

Some common issues that you can experience with your toilet include:

  • Taking too long to flush
  • Water leaking from the toilet bowl
  • Toilet tank filling with water
  • Incomplete toilet flush

We can also help you with the installation of new toilets in your home.

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Tile Floor Installation

Tiles are a durable flooring option that is loved by many homeowners. Bathrooms are always exposed to moisture and humidity. Tile flooring is preferred in bathrooms for they work well against moisture and humidity in bathrooms.

We can help you with tile floor installation in your small bathroom remodel project.

If you want a long-lasting floor for your bathroom, involving experts in installing these tiles is recommended.

Our team knows the necessary materials required for the perfect and best installation process.

You do not need to worry about the type of tile you are going to use, we have the experience and knowledge on how to deal with all kinds of tiles.

You can trust Capitol Bathroom Remodel Pros for your tile installation in your bathroom.

Minor Installations

Thinking of performing minor installations for your bathroom? We can help you do it at an affordable cost. We can handle any kind of minor installations for your bathroom remodel project. However small it is, we can work on any size of installations. We will arrive at your home and do the job in time, leaving it better as you wanted.

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom will not just add value to your home, but will bring the spa experience to your bathroom, making every shower worth it. Bathroom renovations offer you the opportunity to introduce new equipment and improvements in your bathroom.

We will help you make your bathroom more efficient, functional and more stylish.

Want to perform bathroom renovation for you home in St. George’s County? Capitol Bathroom Renovation Pros got you.

Our experts will help you perform full bathroom renovations on different areas in your bathroom including:

  • Countertops
  • Bathtubs
  • Sinks
  • lighting
  • And more.

For any bathroom renovation needs, you can trust us to provide you with top quality services that you need.

We will help you with proper ventilation, proper floor tiling and proper planning of equipment and design in your bathroom.

If you want to expand your bathroom and have even larger space. We will help you expand your bathroom as much as possible.

Our craftsmen will unleash their creativity and help you make your small bathroom larger to suit your needs.

We will also help you pick durable and attractive flooring materials for your bathroom.

Whether you want to conduct full renovations or partial renovations, Capitol Bathroom Remodel Pros will work with your budget.

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Shower Remodel

For different types of shower remodeling you may need, there are different types of shower types we can help you install in your bathroom. We will help you to remodel your shower and install any of these modern shower types.

  • Digital shower
  • Eco showers
  • Mixer showers
  • Electric shower
  • Thermostatic

You can also choose from the four shower fixtures available in the market and our team will fix it for you.

From the rain showerheads, body sprayers, handheld shower fixtures, to wall mount shower fixtures, we can handle any installation.

Depending on what you want, our team will work together with you through the installation process and give you the best results than you expected.

Glass Shower Doors Installation

Whether it’s a new, modern, and stylish shower door, or your own customized shower door, we have it. From the traditional to heavy glass shower doors, we will help you find the perfect door for your shower.

We have a professional team of installers who will provide the best quality and results for your glass shower door installation.

We believe that when you install the right glass shower door in your bathroom, you will have a better bathing experience. We conduct shower door replacements, installation, from small bathrooms to luxurious, master bathrooms.

If you are in Prince George’s County, you do not need to worry about shower door installations and replacement. Contact us today and get a free quote for any of your glass shower door installation needs.

Glass door

Handyman Services

We understand that odd jobs in your homes can be hectic and tiresome. If you are looking for the best handyman services in your home, we can also offer these services to help you keep your home in good shape. You just need to worry about your family demands and let us worry about getting dirty.

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